I melted under her glare

The flakes had bombarded the sleepy town the previous day. And as the trite ‘mennesker’ struggled in their houses to snuggle around the fire-place and soak themselves up with all the heat they could possibly gather, we decided to take a trip down the white roads; as if someone had summoned us to take stock of the blizzard that had rampaged the night before.


Days may come and days may go, some go fast and some go slow, but it is days like these that make me stop, go out and explore because nothing else’s matter!



Goodbye Scoobs


“I used to believe in forever but forever is too good to be true”

Animals know better than most that the best things in life really are free and Scooby or Scoobs (I loved to call him by that name) was no different.

Today Scoobs was put to sleep. He was very old and had been suffering from a malignant brain tumour for quite sometime now. Given his old age it was inoperable and hence incurable.

The last time we went to India, we could see how sick he was with the tumour growing by the day resulting in a complete shut down of his left eye. As the devil grew it slowly took control of the other eye too.

Today our Scooby was relieved of all the pain that he had to endure. He was put to sleep. Baba said he was calm, didn’t budge a bit as the needle pierced into him. He passed away in his sleep, contended.

He is buried in the back garden. A lovely red rose plant planted on top of him.

If you own a dog or any pet, for that matter, you have to accept that you will outlive them. It hurts, but you have to let them go.

We will miss you Scoobs everyday of our lives. Yet in spite of the void that has been left behind, we are glad that you are no more in pain.

Rest In Peace.