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Global Studies have told us that men and women both enter early career jobs in a 1:1 ratio, but as the seniority rises, women drop out about 2 to 3x times faster. The question is why?

Indian women CEOs are leading not only Indian, but global companies as well. Here is a list of truly inspiring women who show us the way.

Our mission to break the stigma around mental health is possible because of our amazing MMWers – today we want to brag about Kristian Pedersen, who has onboarded the MMW ship as a Project Manager.

It’s vibrant, it’s hot, it’s happening – In the European startup ecosystems, Sweden, largely Stockholm, ranks almost at par with giant startup hubs like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris. With just 10 million population, the nation certainly makes a statement with over 10,000 startups. And despite challenges faced during the pandemic, the country’s continued status as a startup hotspot kept it secured from hitting a recession.