A Dunk, A Dip its all about the Early Morning Sip

the dip

I am not an early bird, never have been. But motherhood brings in a basket of changes and one of the biggest change in my life has been ‘To become a morning riser’.

Early morning is the zippiest phase of the whole day in the Parija household. Flinging the blanket as the alarm goes off; whisking the little one as she gets busy in skimming around the bed still recovering from the slumber, expeditious gulping of the breakfast and Voila! All set to begin the day!

As I come back after dropping the little one in school, the instant urge to have an energy drink becomes way too overwhelming. So out comes the cup and a set of 4 Marie biscuits. Ah! My little set of morning happiness.

I have never been a tea person, coffee makes my day. As the house plunges into silence; I raise my feet on the neighboring chair; dunk my Maries in the smoking hot coffee; and let it melt in my mouth slowly. Ah! some happiness in life are priceless and home is where I can just raise my feet on the chair in front and dunk my biscuit in my coffee; because no body is watching. Its all about savouring the Early Morning Sip and appreciating the ‘Me’ times.