One at a time….

Saanvi with ice-cream

Its quite amusing to think that how assertive and conniving a 5 year old can be and can become to get exactly what is needed. Okay I might sound a bit hysterical but these little human beings can go to extents that my 80’s mind can never think of. Well ‘Google Age’ kids eh! It is often said that parenthood and becoming parents is the most wonderful thing on earth. But I beg to disagree; no not on the many good things that parenthood offers; but the little surprises packed in little boxes but with a lethal punch they offer.

Summers arrived late in Denmark. It looked like it would never come at all. But thankfully the sun is shining bright and the ice-cream season is finally here. My 5 year old goes berserk when it comes to ice-creams. So on a hot day like this day, Mama and daughter decide to go to the nearby ice-cream parlour and treat ourselves to a nice and cool ice-cream treat.

As we trudged briskly towards the kiosk, I am bombarded with an incessant tirade of queries and probed meticulously. And since what I say might backfire, I carefully choose my words. I finally managed to dodge the bombardment successfully as I entered the shop feeling elated at my accomplishment.

Now comes the trickiest part; the juxtaposition for making a choice; big or small, large or extra large, cone or stick; then comes the flavours, chocolate or strawberry, vanilla or raspberry, and so on and so forth. The more the plethora of choices offered, the drastically extravagant her choices become. And given the scope, my 5 year old would order each and every variety that the shop has to offer. So she retorts, with her ever persistent self, unflagging tone and docile look,

“Mama can I have 3 ice-creams? They look so yummy and am sure they all taste divine as well.” She said with a hint of belligerence.

‘How does she manage to do this each time’, I thought to myself. ‘And most of all who teaches her these things?’ But does anyone need to teach these little masters anything; I guess they are born with the Pandora box.

“No sweetheart you cannot have ‘three’ ice-creams at the same time. You need to choose.” I said.

“Why can’t I have 3 ice-creams? It’s so hot today and 3 ice-creams are just what this little body needs. One for the head, second for the torso and third for my legs. Then my whole body cools down. If I have only one then it won’t serve the purpose, will it? So you see asking for ‘three’ ice-creams isn’t being unreasonable! Period.”

Wow! When I was 5 years old I do not remember giving a similar reason for asking more; in fact I cannot even think of it even now.

Unfortunately for the kiddo and fortunately for me my affable and persuasive tone of selecting just one did the trick and she settled for the ‘water melon’ shaped coolant stick but not before tending me an ultimatum.

“Just remember Mama next time don’t get me this water-melon ice-cream okay. I will instead have the bear one, one with the red nose. And since you insist that I have only one at a time, I would rather prefer the large size than the small stick.”

And she walks off…and I think “AajKal ke bachche”!

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